The Lonely Panda…..Part 1


The Lonely Panda!

Once, there was a crazy panda who did crazy things! He put on three hats at a time!  He could stuff 16 marshmallows in his mouth at once! He would talk to people but they would just run away like he was a bee.  Then, one time he got tired of stacking hats, stuffing marshmallows in his mouth too. He for the first time wanted a friend. So he went on a journey to find a friend…..


Stay tuned for part two! -Ellie






Ocean Breeze….

Ocean Breeze

  1. blue sky
  2. clear water
  3. rocks in water
  4. trees in background
  5. big mountain
  6. sand in water
  7. grassy hills
  8. rocks on land
  9. trees fallen down
  10. rocks falling into water
  11. clouds in sky
  12. blue water
  13. rocks are gray
  14. trees are green
  15. mountain is big and brown
  16. sand is black
  17. grass is green
  18. other rocks are white
  19. wood is white
  20. cave under rocks.

hear: Birds chirping

see: Ocean waves

taste: Salt water

feel: Relaxed

smell: Salty air

Pandas: Why You Need One!


I’m here because Pandas are going extinct. There are pandas all around the world going extinct because they are losing their homes. They are losing their food and they need it to live! So that’s why I need your help to raise money so than we can save the Pandas!

They eat bamboo, which is a tree. They live in China in moist bamboo forest where they can eat and hide from predators.

Colors: Pandas are mostly black and white but can be sometimes brown!

Litter size: pandas can only give birth to one cub at a time.

Predators: Panda stay watch for humans, leopards, and birds of pray.

Names: Bamboo bear, Big bear, Panda bear, and Panda.

One reason Pandas are my favorite is because they are super soft.  If I were to take one in, I would give it lots of hugs.  Plus if you were cold at night just hug your Panda because they are super soft!



My Halloween Zoo Birthday!

It was just the beginning when it was MY birthday!!!! After school we picked up my friends Elena, Caroline, and Lily. Also, we were going to an all you can eat steak place! Steak was MY favorite meat. First we decided to go to a Halloween zoo. When we first came up to the lady we said, “Six tickets please.” We paid the money and she handed us our six tickets very gently and suddenly she said, “Have a very scary day!” Right then I got the goosebumps and my friends, Elena and Lily, got the shivers. So we went under the bridge and right then we got a jump scare! We all screamed with fright! THE MIDDLE! We went straight to the flamingos and they were as pink as a lily flower! Then I saw one standing in one massive puddle…..”EWWWWW!!!” Elena said.  “It’s standing in….. pee!!!” We ran away to the peacocks. One of them was spreading its feathers like it was about to tuck them back in! Mom took her phone out and put it on camera mode, but she was too late. We were really, really, really, really sad.